Sometimes it’s all about timing. Clement’s family sold the vineyard they owned in Algeria, which at the time was a French colony, just before the war of independence started. His grandfather had the good sense of moving the family to Julienas in 1962. After going to business school and selling sliced bread of all things, Clement decided to return home and take over the very small estate where he now tends the land and make the wine with the help of his mother. He has converted the estate to organic farming (and is indeed certified AB) and has pulled  the old head-pruned Gamay he inherited in order to transition into trellised vineyard in an effort to pick riper fruit. The estate is not even 10 acres but Clement has plans to expand.

La Croix de la Bottière

Named after the name-place of La Bottière which is located directly behind the winery, this is a traditional fermentation Gamay grown in granite and aged in tanks “sur lies” for 6 months. Clement also produces oak aged Julienas but I do prefer this cuvée which is all about purity of fruit.